Food Stations are a great option for a mingling reception, with variety of foods and a casual elegance for you and your guests. There are many factors which make stations receptions diff erent than buff ets. With a station reception, guests dining tables do not have formal place settings; rather, small plates, and cutlery are available at each station. There is not a specific time to release guests to the stations, as guests can begin when they choose, after stations open. Stations typically stay open for about 1.5 hours, giving guests time to dine at their own pace, while visiting with other guests throughout the room.

We will work with you to create the perfect station selections for your special event! (Minimum 25 ppl for stations)

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Dipping Station | 8.25
(Choose 3) GF without assorted dippers 
Roma Tomato Bruschetta | Garlic Lemon Hummus | Bacon Gruyere Dip | Traditional Hummus | Salsa & Guacamole | Assorted Dippers

Pasta Station | 10.00
Create your own selection, featuring two pastas, two sauces, and fi ve toppings.
Includes garlic bread and parmesan cheese.
Penne | Bowtie | Cheese Tortellini
SAUCES (Choose 2)
Alfredo | Pesto Cream | Pesto | Marinara | Bolognese
Primavera Vegetables | Italian Sausage | Gourmet Mushrooms | Broccoli | Diced Grilled Chicken

Far East Station | 10.00
Chicken and Broccoli | Asian Pork Belly | White Rice | Sriracha

Carving Station* | 10.50
All carving stations are chef-attended, and include rolls.
Select 1 meat, add 2nd option for 4.50 pp
OVEN ROASTED TURKEY with cranberry relish | GF
PRIME RIB with au jus and horseradish sauce | GF
HONEY BAKED HAM with roasted pineapple chutney | GF
MARINATED AND GRILLED PORK LOIN with assorted gourmet mustards | GF

Mac & Cheese Station | 9.50
Create your own custom Mac & Cheese!
MIX-INS: Cheddar Cheese | White Cheddar | Tomatoes | Bacon | Fried Onion Straws | Broccoli | JalapeƱos | Hot Sauces | Cracked Pepper
Add BBQ Pork Chunks +2.00p | Add Mini Hot Dogs +1.50pp | Add Fried Boneless Chicken +1.75pp

South of the Border Station | 10.50
Chicken Fajita | Pork Carnitas | Flour Tortillas | Tortilla Chips | Salsa | Cheddar Cheese | Sour Cream
Add Guacamole + 1.75 pp
Add Roasted Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas for +2.00 pp

Mashed Potato Station | 9.00
Traditional Mashed Potatoes served with the following toppings
Cheddar Cheese | Chives | Sour Cream | Bacon Crumbles | Chicken Gravy with Chicken| Grilled Corn

 Salad Station | 10.00
Mixed Field Greens | Rolls & Butter | Italian Pasta Salad | Grape Tomato | Shredded carrots | Cucumber | Dried Cherries | Bleu Cheese | Candied Pecans | Croutons | Cold Diced Chicken | Ranch | Balsamic Vinaigrette

S'more Station | 6.75
We will bring the campfire, you roast the marshmallow.
Jumbo Marshmallows | Graham Crackers | Milk Chocolate Bar | Peanut Butter Cup | Dark Chocolate


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*Chef Attendant Charge + 2.10 per guest


All stations are served with high quality disposable plates, flatware, and napkins